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Canned Fish

  • Cole''s Wild Chub...

    Cole's mackerel wild mackerel in olive oil is a delicious and consciously harvested seafood product you can enjoy by itself as a snack or in a meal.Each container is freshly packed with high-quality olive oil and contains mackerel harvested from atlantic waters off the coast of morocco.This 4 oz.Package of mackerel contains two servings and is free of preservatives, additives and gluten.
  • Reese Paste - Anchovy...

    Reese wild anchovy paste is a delicious product containing anchovies that were caught in the wild.This 3.5 fl.Oz.Box blends anchovies, salt and olive oil to create a savory, tangy paste.With only 30 calories per serving and no trans fat, sugars or carbohydrates, it is a healthy addition to recipes.